Friday, 17 May 2013

Well You Don't Do Anything all Day

There is a lady that I know that truly does believe that I do nothing all day, and on several occasions she has uttered the words " Well you don't do anything all day" this causes me to stop for a moment and want to beat her with the nearest object. However, I find myself smiling sweetly, and replying "Of course I don't"

The logic it seems behind this statement is the fact that I work from home. Therefore, this must mean that  I sit around all day playing on FB, drinking coffee, and performing very few tasks. Although some of this is true, I do also work, and run Casa Chaos and maintain a home.

I don't expect a huge medal for what I do, I am just talented at juggling several balls, and 90% of the time I do not drop any of them. I love my job, I love the flexibility it provides, and the only time it annoys me is when small minded people think I do nothing all day.

The irony is that the woman who claims I do nothing, in fact sits on her arse all day doing precisely that, and when I mention this, she gets all defensive. She claims that my social skills must suffer, and questions whether I miss interaction with other people.

Err hello I do leave the house, and am not stranded on a desert island with only a football called Wilson! Although, I did find myself having an indepth conversation with the goat the other day! Hmmmm maybe it is time to get out more!

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