Friday, 10 May 2013

Some things are Just Worth It!

I am so tired this morning, even more than usual, and although I have drunk three cups of coffee, I am not feeling the love. I am also very burnt, which is unusual as I never leave the house, which poses the question what on earth have I been up to. Well, there are very few things I feel strongly about and animal cruelty is one, which is why I am one of the dog coordinators for a local animal respect organisation.

This involves me being part of their fund raising efforts as money is always an issue when you run an animal charity. Unfortunately, there are far too many animals, and just not enough funds, so fund raising is essential. We have done several events in the past, and I am typically involved with them in some way, but this time I am fully absorbed.

We were offered a float for the HUGE Gay Pride Parade, which is one of the largest events in the GC calender. Although we were worried about the time we had, we also knew that it would be amazing for publicity, and to hopefully raise some much needed funds. This has resulted in myself and some of the other volunteers, stood in a field, in 45c heat decorating a float!

After 12 hours and a lot of greenery...We are an Enchanted Forest  we think it is nearly there, so with a burnt upper body, and no energy left at all, I came home. Today is the day when we party like animals, although at the moment sleeping like a sloth would be better! Hopefully raising awareness and money for this amazing charity.

I will let you know how we get on, and take a look at this to see what we do....


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  1. That is brilliant. Yes, some things are definitely worth it.