Thursday, 12 July 2012

Chickens are not as dumb as first thought

Chickens are not the most intelligent creatures on the planet, after all they push an egg out of their bum every day and are rewarding for this with corn, and eventually death. However, I feel that when it comes to chickens I really did get the dumbest of the bunch. As in my previous post my chickens lay everywhere including in cactus's so we discovered the other day.

My feral chickens are intent on having as many chicks as possible, I have no idea why as they don't get any more benefits from having money children, and don't move up the council house list. Therefore, they just like having babies. Every time I say no more, we find them with more chicks, I wonder if they do birth control pills for chickens. Now we usually find the chickens and transport them back to the maternity wing, after having risked life and limb to save these dumb creatures, however, yesterday one chicken amazed me. 

It started like any other normal day, which actually means it was total chaos, and I was attempting to do five things all at one. Now not a day goes by when I don't hear mummmmmmmmmmmmmmy screamed at some point, and this day was no exception. Up to my elbows in lemon curd (that's another blog) I hear my name. I pray that it is something simple that I can deal with easily, not having to leave the kitchen.

My son is shouting "mummy there is a chicken stood at the main gates with her chicks waiting to get in" now knowing that chickens are stupid, this really didn't seem possible, so I answered with a "are you sure" he continued to informed that there was a chicken, and should he let her in. I have taught my children not to let strangers in the gates, however, does a chicken count?

I deserted my lemon curd, and stomped down the drive, thinking how I was going to kill my son for bending the truth, however, to my shock there was a chicken stood with her 11 chicks waiting to be let in! everyday when I think I have seen it all, these creatures amaze me some more. Maybe they aren't as stupid as first thought, as she knew exactly where to bring her babies, for free food, and housing....sounds like a few people I know in the UK!