Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What not to wear on a finca!

I often ponder the question what is suitable attire for living on this finca, and no matter what I choose it seems to be wrong. Now farms in the UK have the issues of mud and rain, which usually qualify for wellies and boots, however, here I not only have mud, and water but I also have the heat! I also have an issue with wellies as I look stupid!

Now, I have never been an expert on fashion, and wouldn't class myself as girly, however, I do draw the line at looking like a frump. Sorry but wellies have this affect on woman, as my 16 yr old daughter proves, every time she puts hers on I cringe, and think she looks awful, however, they do save the expensive trainers that she used to insist wearing in the orchards.

This leaves me with the difficult question of what do I wear on my feet in the orchards. As a mother I know that my footwear should be sensible, and stop injury, however, I seem to end up in there in flip flops 90% of the time. I do question how this happens, however, I seem to pop in there for one thing, and end up staying, which results in dirty, wet feet.

After numerous cuts and extreme dirty feet, I purchased a pair of boots, now on this island shopping for anything remotely trendy is a challenge. It took 5 shopping trips, many swear words, and leaving the shop with a different pair of boots to the ones I wanted for me to achieve the task of finding suitable footwear. However, these nice new boots, have been worn once or twice, and currently sit on the shoe rack on the terrace. 

The problem with my lovely boots is that it is just too hot! I wear flip flops all year, with any outfit that I own, therefore, making them incredibly versatile, however, not great for mud. I have worn the boots and can see that they are far better and save my feet, however, the flip flops win every time. Maybe I should invent a pair of flip flops that are suitable for farm life, then they would be perfect.

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