Monday, 2 July 2012

So, what do pigs eat?

Peppa (the pig) was settling in well, however, I was concerned that she was not getting enough food and thought more hours on Google were needed. Everything I googled suggested that pigs will eat does that mean everything that is edible, or everything that she comes into contact with...

As I ponder this question, I remember reading once that pigs will dispose of bodies very easily, and considered if this could save Peppa from the dinner table, as we put her to work as an assassin. I'm sure there are plenty of people that would pay us for my pig to dispose of their "problems" Do you think this might be illegal??

Anyway , back to the problem in hand, I needed to ensure that Peppa ate enough to fatten her up, and ensure that in five months she would be  the right weight...Scraps was an option, however, if you have ever had dinner in my house, you will soon see that my family leave nothing! The Spanish families gather the scraps from friends and family, however, this is great in theory, until you have a bucket of cold, left overs in your car, which does stink! 

We asked a few restaurant owners we knew for their scraps, which they happily gave us...transporting these caused arguments from the children, who didn't want to be near other peoples left over food...I needed a plan B and fast, Peppa was stood at her pen door, bowl in hand like Oliver asking "For more please"

There was only one solution, I was going to have to cook Peppa lunch....yes I just said I was cooking my pig her own lunch!! Knowing that pigs will eat anything, I thought this should be an easy task, however, it became a daily headache. Will she get bored of potatoes, is she receiving too much starch, is there enough flavour, I found myself debating the pigs lunch for far too long everyday.

Currently she has a daily diet of scraps (if any) fruit mainly papayas as they smell of baby sick, and we cant find anyone that likes them! potatoes, vegetables, fruit and pasta, mixed with pig food....Someone once told me that organic pigs are far healthier, and will taste of what you feed them...I wonder if I feed her curry for the next five months she will taste of Madras...hmmmm now there is a delicious thought.

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