Monday, 30 July 2012

Where does the water go?

The duck pond vanishes every day and I often wonder where the hell the water goes, and before someone says it no we don't have a leak! I know the sun evaporates a lot, but I'm sure the ducks are drinking it, which is gross as I've seen the colour of the duck pond. The expression "like a duck to water" is often used, however, until you see the ducks in action, you will never fully understand what people mean.

Ducks are incredibly messy and they do like to make a mess of everywhere, including the pond, I thought my daughters room was disgusting, but the ducks make her room look like a palace. They poop everywhere and it is liquid, therefore, their bodies must absorb a huge amount of the water, and transform it into stinky poop.

Our ducks have been here now for over 2 months and they have grown into monster ducks, who care about three things in life: each other, food and water. They have drinking water and when they first arrived they would drink a pint in an hour, which is an achievement. Maybe ducks believe that they need to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day to remain healthy, however, they drink far and beyond that in a day.

I worked out that if I was to drink the same amount proportionally as my ducks, I would need to drink 150 gallons of water a day, which would mean I would never be off the toilet! God I thought 8 glasses was difficult, unless coffee is added. So, if the ducks aren't drinking the water, where the hell is it going? Obviously some of the water leaves the pond when they do their daily water aerobics up and down the pond.

The ducks are incredibly funny to watch as they splash and dive, which probably explains where the water is going, and as they enjoy drinking their own body weight in stinky water, which according to Google is natural I will leave them to it. Filling the pond daily, gives me the time to watch them perform and show off, so I don't mind really.

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