Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ducks truly are disgusting creatures

When we got the ducks, they were small bundles of fluff, and were incredibly cute, from the moment they came home they were funny, entertaining...but so messy! Again I hadn't really researched much about ducks, it had been the typical googling session in the car, on the motorway, on the way home with the animals in a box.

This method is proving to be quite successful, however, I do tend to skip bits as the screen on my Blackberry is quite small, and I have the attention span of a knat!, therefore, I tend to read, shelter, food, life expectancy and miss many of the vital parts..i.e how smelly ducks are!

Once we got our new buddles of joy home they jumped in the pond, entertained us for hours, and very quickly covered everything in duck poop! Now I fully understand that a duck needs to poop, but they do it everywhere, in their house, on the rocks, on the grass, and in the pond.

The pond is the biggest place I have an issue with, as the poop and water seem to have a chemical reaction and make the smell even more toxic. They very quickly turned their lovely water into a mass of green, sludge, very much like a giant new born babies nappy!

This unfortunately means that we have to clean out the pond quite often, and usually put this job of until the stench is too bad. At this point, we usually have many discussions about research, and why we didn't have a pump fitted to the pond. As we roll our sleeves up and begin emptying, I look at the ducks, and wonder would they look silly in little duck nappies!

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