Thursday, 12 July 2012

People used to bring me flowers...

I can remember at one time people used to bring me gifts of flowers, or chilled bottles of wine, however, these days I have bags of scraps. Now for normal people this would seem incredibly strange, in fact, for me I think it is odd as well. However, the Spanish think this is a normal day to day activity, and I can imagine them popping over to the neighbours and enquiring if they have a bag of scraps they can borrow.

Now before everyone rings social services, and declares we are on the poverty line, the scraps are of course for Peppa, who does consume her own body weight in food on a daily basis. When we first got the pig everyone kept saying just feed it scraps. I am puzzled though by the fact that these people think we can produce enough scraps to feed this ever growing pig.

If you have ever met my family you will know that they love food, and will fight for the last remaining pieces on each others plates. Therefore, our scrap bucket is often a pathetic offering, which wouldn't feed a duck let alone a growing bacon machine. Therefore, we are always grateful for these strange food parcels turning up (although wine would be rather nice as well!)

We have also discovered that the Spanish think nothing of it when you casually drop into a conversation at the end of a meal, "do you have any scraps for my pig" the waiters will very kindly pop off and return with a bag full of left over does ponder the question, why were these left laying around in the first place!

So, if you find yourself passing by my finca, or see me in the street, I wont be offended if you offer me some stale bread, or last nights dinner, and Peppa will really appreciate every mouthful.

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