Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rookie mistake!!

When we arrived on the finca, there were many of the trees that had fruit on them which was an exciting thought. The concept of growing your own produce, and being able to wander through the trees picking the different fruits appeals to many people. Therefore, I was delighted that we had so many different fruit trees to enjoy.

Once I had moved away from the dilema of what to do with the lemons, I noticed that I had ripe what to do with them? Being curry lovers the first thing that came to mind was mango chutney. I discovered the perfect recipe, began making this delicious chutney, and was delighted that I had found something that both us and other people would enjoy.

Now, everything that I do is a money making idea, so I set about marketing this delicious mango chutney with huge success. People were ordering the chutney, and more needed to be made, which was not a problem, I had mangos on hand or did I?

Off I skipped to the orchard with my basket in hand and a smile on my face working out the profit margin of a jar of chutney. However, there were no mangos! my first thought was that the Canary Island mango thief had struck, but on reflection this may not have been the right answer. As I walked back to the house feeling rejected and confused, I begun to consider where all the mangos were.

Just like a light bulb it came to wasn't mango season! Living here in GC you learn that everything we grow is seasonal. It is not like Tesco's where you can pop in for some strawberries during December, it has to be the right time of year! Therefore, this was obviously not the right time of year for mangos, on telling my best friend this news she laughed and said "Rookie mistake" and trust me this was not the first we made!

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