Thursday, 26 July 2012

Finally duck eggs

There was a huge event yesterday, for some it may not seem like a big deal, but for us it was excellent....we got our first duck egg! The ducks were bought to produce eggs, which we are hoping to transform into ducklings. Our ducks are still too young to lay eggs, however, Lucy our new addition has begun to lay well.

Lucy is yet another one of the many animals that appeared after a trip to the garden centre, however, on this occasion it was the garden centre man that asked us to take Lucy. On one of our many visits to the magical place of all things weird AKA the garden centre, my son spotted a duck, just one lonesome duck, no water no house just a duck.

The owner explained that Lucy was there to lay eggs, and he proudly showed us the big pile of eggs in a bush that she had layed. With this we enquired why they were there and he explained that he didn't like to eat the eggs, and he was hoping that she would sit on them and have ducklings. Now without wanting to insult his intelligence, we gently asked where the male duck was to help with the duckling process.

At this point I think he realised that he was missing the essential element of the baby making process, however, he knew we had a male duck. Lucy was offered to us, to take home and in his words "jiggy jiggy" with Billy! Pimping my duck out was a whole new area of farming, but we thought what the hell, Billy already had three female ducks, what harm would another do, apart from make him very tired!

So, Lucy came to live with us, but no eggs appeared, every day we checked and no eggs, back onto Google I went and searched for possible reasons, but in the end felt that it was just nature, and we had to wait. In a last attempt I got my husband to make Lucy her own nesting box within the duck house, and hey presto a duck egg appeared.

We are now the proud owner of two eggs, nestled safety in the nesting box, and as we wait patiently for more, lets hope that Lucy wants babies as much as us, and that Billy is not firing blanks!

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  1. "Pimp my duck out" - LOL. Sounds like a Prodigy song.