Sunday, 1 July 2012 much more than just decoration in your gin and tonic!

Like many people lemons were a fruit that I would occasionally buy at the supermarket when I needed one for my gin and tonic. However, when we moved here it very quickly became apparent that due to the sheer numbers of this fruit that I had available, I would either need to become an alcoholic, or find some other uses.

Now laying in a pool of gin and tonic does sound appealing, however, I needed to be practical and had to use the huge amounts of lemons that I had ripe and ready to be picked. Cookbook ready, I discovered many different lemon recipes all of which sounded delicious. 

After lemon cakes, lemon meringue pie, lemon sauce, lemon cheesecake and lemons with everything, I turned my attention to lemon curd! this straightforward recipe would surely guarantee to use the lemons and stop me having cold sweats in the night about wasting food, and the many different uses that lemons are excellent for...

After we had eaten and drunk enough lemons to declare ourselves officially bored, I decided to research other things that you could do with lemons... Now, without boring you to death, lemons are an amazing fruit with  a huge array of different health benefits...ok, I've lost you already, but did you now that lemons have a strong antibacterial and immune boosting property. They can aid digestion, and help to cleanse your liver (after all the gin)

I began to see the humble lemon in a different light, and soon realised that this small, yellow fruit was fascinating. It can help with exhaustion, which I am in a permanent state of, and is ideal for anxiety issues, which I didn't have before the lemon issue!

Whether you have a sore throat, calluses, a fever or eczema, lemons are fantasticthey also taste delicious as a lemon drizzle next time you go to wander past the lemons in the supermarket, consider what else you can do with this humble fruit, other than sliced, alongside the ice...

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