Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pig wrestling

Peppa has an incredible ability of getting out of her pen, usually just as we are walking out of the door! A bit like the way that a baby always throws up on you just as you have got changed...we considered her pen to be secure, but as she is getting larger, and her curiosity is growing she finds the strangest ways to escape.

Now escaping is one thing, but chasing her around an orchard is getting boring, and she thinks it is a fantastic game. We have considered allowing her to run around, but I am concerned that if she gets out of the orchard, the road is her next place, and she would make huge road kill!! Therefore, we have to catch her, which is not an easy task.

Peppa thinks the whole thing is an exciting game, where she runs around head butting chickens, eating the irrigation system and causing havoc, oh yeah that is the other reason she cant wander freely, she destroys everything in her path! As Peppa is growing she is becoming boisterous, which is no fun when you are faced with a 25kg pig.

If you have ever tried to round a pig up, you will know that it is like an Olympic event, where you need speed, agility, and to be completely crazy. Whatever direction you head in, Peppa runs in the opposite, and just as you get near her, she runs off. We always start off calm, calling her name, and trying to persuade her that her pen is better. However, within a short space of time I am usually threatening to stick an apple in her mouth, and throwing a feed bucket at her.

Thankfully my daughter is fearless when it comes to the pig, either that or too lazy to run around after her for hours. She quite often grabs the pig, in a rugby tackle manoeuvre, and carries  her back to the pen, which at the moment is possible, however, I'm not too sure that in a few weeks it will be as Peppa is expanding rapidly.

Operation build Peppa a new pen needs to commence soon, before she becomes too large to rugby tackle, and too boisterous to control. Anyone that ever thinks these animals are good pets needs their heads testing, she is a smelly, loud, lump of lard......but she is quite funny too watch :-)

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  1. Pig chasing! Yet another attraction for the visitors when the farm opens to the public!