Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lucy back on Eggs...

Well Lucy is back on eggs and I am hoping that it is third time lucky for this happy little duck that desperately wants to be a mum. In the attempt to keep Lucy and her eggs safe she was relocated to the dog house, and is in solitary confinement. I have even covered the entrance to the dog house with a towel, so that Jessica does not realise where she is. Thankfully Jessica/Justin is not that smart, and hasn't worked out that she is hidden in clear sight.

Once Lucy has hatched this batch, I think I will sell duck eggs rather than ducklings, as we have become attached to Finn and Jake and it appears that they are staying in Casa Chaos. I am beginning to realise that this farming lark is not as easy or straightforward as people make it out to be. I have often been told that I have  a heart of stone, but even I am getting to the point of watching animals die, go missing, and leave us, is all too much.

However for the minute, we wait and see what Lucy brings, and hope that she hatches a full brood for her to mother and love. Ducklings grow up so fast and Finn and Jake are now huge, not needing Billys attention at all. Which means that he is back laying eggs, so every day we play hunt the egg! With success at the moment thankfully, as for the moment I am happy to make less money through the eggs, without the worry or stress. 

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