Wednesday, 3 April 2013

We are in Labour...I think?

Well after posting fat pictures of Jill, it appears to have prompted her into having her kids, and I do believe that she is in labour. Now I am no expert, and I was referred to as the crazy goat lady yesterday, but a quick scan of Google revealed some facts about goats and labour. However, even without Google, there was no doubt that Jill was showing signs, as she reminded me of many a pregnant lady that I have known.

Jill was pacing up and down, then she would lay, sit, get up, lay sit get up, she was also very ratty with Jack, and fretful. The way she walks and sighs as she lays down reminds me of a heavily pregnant lady, but all of these was not the clear indicator. When she turned yesterday to display her lala, or lady canal as Mrs S calls it,  there was a huge amount of water and discharge.

Panic set in, oh my god what if she has it through the night, or up a mountain, or if it gets stuck, or if no one is around. With all of these questions racing through my head, I turned to my husband in sympathy, for him to state, "oh well I'm off to work" Thanks for the support there, thankfully he was slightly more supportive about his own children when they were born.

I went to prepare a nice big bed of straw for Jill in the goat house to discover a chicken sat on eggs, fantastic, not what! In all honestly Jill doesn't go in the goat house much, which is obviously why the chicken moved in! I kept checking on her every 20 minutes, until it got dark, as you know I'm not good in the dark, so then she was on her own!

As of this  morning no babies, but there again I don't appear to have any goats either, she better not be up that bloody mountain in the cave!

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