Saturday, 20 April 2013

Calima time

OMG its hot, and yes I know we all moan when its cold, and we moan when its hot, but its REALLY hot! I don't think that you ever get used to the calimas here, as it goes from comfortable to intense heat within hours. In traditional Casa Chaos style the water went off just as the calima hit, which is just fantastic as water is an essential part of coping.

Animals have no built in sense of how hot it is, so everything tends to stay out in it, and there is little we can do apart from water, water, water. So, when there is none this is a HUGE problem which I needed to solve. Now, our water goes off a lot, which I usually put down to the fact that it is an old house, but it typically comes back on within an hour.

I spent most of yesterday walking back and forth between the kitchen and bathroom turning the taps on to see if we had water, very much in an OCD fashion. No matter how many times I did it still no water, let the phone calls begin.

Now getting sense out of anyone here is difficult, firstly no one will accept responsibility for the problem, and usually no one admits there was a problem in the first place. This is frustrating to say the least  especially when all I wanted to know was why there was no water. When I finally got through to someone who knew about the water, they said that it was two things 1. I had turned something off or 2. something was broken.

I did point out that if I had turned something off, didn't he think that I might have turned it back on to get water! So, I was guessing it was number 2, but no it seemed there was a third option that he didn't fancy telling me about. There was a guy working on the pipes down the road, and he had turned off the water, and had forgot to turn it back on, but this was not confessed until after I had rung!

30 seconds after putting down the phone, voile we had water! off I go to hose chickens, and the ground, and everything in the area. Lets hope it passes quickly, then we can all moan about something else!

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