Monday, 1 April 2013

Fattest goat in history

Jill is huge, beyond fat and moving into the world of needing to go on Worlds Biggest Loser! Everyone keeps asking if she has had her kids yet, and the answer is NO. Someone even doubted if she was pregnant the other day, and asked if I was sure that she wasn't just fat. Well unless Jill has eaten all the cake and more, she is either the first obese goat or is heavily pregnant.

I must admit she does seem to have pregnant for ever! but I have no patience and have no idea when the magical moment occurred, so in all honesty she probably hasn't been pregnant for very long. I managed to get close enough to her yesterday to take some photos, and there is defiantly something moving inside her. Lets hope it is a goat, and not something from an Alien movie.

So for the moment we will all have to be patient  and wait for the arrival, I do think there is more than one in there, but who knows, I am often very wrong.


  1. She is a beautiful Goat, with a very pretty smile, I love her and want one of her kids when we finally settle in GC. Keep up the good work, you are doing fine, I love the blog. Mxx

  2. Awww thank you, and what a fantastic name you have ;-) good luck with the move and maybe we will meet x