Friday, 5 April 2013

Green Duck

The duck pond is one of those things that is a necessity, the ducks love it, but it is disgusting most of the time. If I had a huge bucket of money I would have a filtration system fitted, to remove the endless task of cleaning the pond. It is one of those jobs that I think if I ignore the pond fairies will appear, and clean for me....Yeah right! back in the real world.

The pond was disgusting yesterday, I knew that it was but thought I could walk past quickly and not notice. Unfortunately, Billy appeared from the pond just at that moment, and you know you have a dirty pond when your duck is green. How embarrassing to have a green duck due to non cleaning of the pond. Thankfully Billy didn't care, he stood there waiting to be fed, a strange shade of green, but I was mortified!

Operation clean duck pond had to be done, and this meant now, so late last night the duck pond was emptied. Some plants got watered, the ground got a soaking and when we all got bored of walking, the water just got thrown around. Some was thrown at jack who was trying to help by head butting everyone into the murky water, and some was thrown at the annoying rooster that keeps escaping. So, all in all a productive evening, the ducks have clean water, the plants are well fed, and the goat got yet another bucket of water over his head!

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