Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nude Farming

I am sent many things every day, some are useful, others strange, but many are simply amusing, and make me sit and chuckle. I opened an email from a friend the other day, and laughed from beginning to end, which caused my husband to ask what on earth was causing so much amusement. The source of this chuckling was due to the concept of nude farming.

Yes, you read that correctly, apparently there is a farm which has been founded since 2007, which believes that animals don't wear clothes, therefore, why should the farmers. Errr hello are these people insane! well yes slightly in my opinion, but hey what do I know! As you read through the website, it all seems very nice, tranquil surroundings, content animals, oh yeah and naked people.

There are apparently many different activities that you can join in with every day, to ensure that you are kept busy. The list is vast and includes:

Sow your own oats
Pet rabbits
Collect eggs and a prize is given for the most inventive way to carry an egg!
Soak in the hot tub, as long as there is no cheese being made in it that day
Search for hairy asses
Judge cucumbers
The list goes on and on, and with every event they offer guidance and support, I would imagine some farmer may need slightly more support than others.

Oh, and there are strict rules regarding sleeping with sheep, thank god for that, as I thought there were no rules for a moment! I must confess that collecting eggs, rounding up goats and picking fruit in the nude does not appeal to me. All I can keep thinking about is where the hell you would put 30 eggs, no prize is worth that surely!

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