Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Early Mornings

When I tell people that I am up before 6.30am they think I am mad, and to be honest so do I most mornings. As my alarm goes off, it is often still dark outside, you can tell the temperature is cold as the tip of my nose tells me to stay in the bed. The reason I get up so early, is because it is "me" time, the only time it is quiet in Casa Chaos. This is the time when I can drink coffee uninterrupted  and when I can do the things I want to do, including sitting quietly.

Getting up at this time can be a struggle as I know that I will have to put my feet on the cold floors, and remove myself from the warm bed, but it has to be done. I will need to find the quickest route to the kitchen, where the kettle is waiting for me. It is quite sad that the only time I can find "me" time is in the dark and cold, and before anyone else notices that I am out of bed.

Every day is becoming like Groundhog Day, and I can feel my exhaustion levels rising and my love for Casa Chaos diminishing. I want more "me" time than 20 minutes in the morning whilst huddled around a cup of coffee to keep warm, the problem is where do I start and how do I achieve that goal. Don't worry I am not leaving Casa Chaos, I do sit sometimes and think how it has totally absorbed my life, and sometimes there has to be more then this.

I need to recharge my batteries, and spend some time doing the things I want, easier said than done, but there has to be a way! Anyway my 20 minutes are up, the children have risen, the dogs and cats have discovered I am awake, let the day begin.


  1. Aww, find time for a holiday, even if it's a long weekend in Tenerife!

  2. Hi Trevor...Are you offering to come and house sit Casa Chaos? lol