Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sexing rabbits

The baby bunnies are ready to go, but, unfortunately  we have been let down on their destination  which has left me with four bunnies! There is no point in ranting about why this idiot has let me down, but simply I need to think of a plan B, oh and C and D. Plan B is in motion, and someone is interested in the bunnies, but of course they asked the question of what sex they were...oh shit, I havnt even bothered to look.

So, rapidly onto Google, whilst giving daughter instructions to go and blow on bunnies nether regions, yes it helps trust me I'm  a bunny expert!  and look at what they are. Now anyone will tell you sexing rabbits is never easy until they are older, but undeterred off she went armed with the knowledge of what baby bunnies willies look like.

After some time, she returned full of confidence, and announced "yes we defiantly have one boy and three girls" By the time I had turned in my chair that became 2 boys and 2 girls, and before I could speak she admitted she had no idea! Now my opinion is unless you aim to take two rabbits does it really matter, as there are no breeding issues.

So, I either admit we have no idea, or lie, which could be another option and admit nothing in the future, it worked for the duck guy, yeah thanks mate we are still dealing with mixed personalities. However, for the moment I have begun to Google rabbit recipes, and am deciding if rosemary is better than sage with roast bunny!

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  1. Slow cooker -

    One 5 lb rabbit, tinned tomatoes, garlic, red wine, a tiny bit of sugar, some olive oil, rosemary and of course salt and pepper. Serve over noodles.

    Be sure to get the tiny bones out before serving.