Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bunny Shock

Yesterday begun like every other day, shouting, screaming, chaos, and no one doing much, however  my son went to clean out the bunnies, which is one of his "jobs" This is usually a task which is done correctly, without too much stress, or problems. However, five minutes into the cleaning, I heard "Mummmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" which is usually the calll of panic.

As I ran down to the bunnies, I was expecting a dead bunny, but not what I saw...In the middle of hoppities pen was a tiny newborn bunny, i thought it was dead, but when I picked it up it was breathing. As I stood there wondering where the hell it came from, how it had got there, Miss Thunderpussy fussed around my feet.

Cleaning continued, and I asked my daughter to clean out hoppities box, so I could could the bunny in there and hope for the best. As she stuck her hand into the box to grab the straw she fell back in shock, as in his box were 6 other bunnies. slowly we pulled back the straw, and there were tiny, newborn bunnies.

So, now I have the issue of getting rid of more!

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