Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lucy is back on eggs

After the disaster of Lucy and her eggs the last time, I was really nervous to let it happen again, however, she begun to lay in the extension, and I realised that if we shut her in there every night away from Jessica the psycho duck the eggs would be safer and she would be calmer.

So, every night Lucy would be lifted back into the extension, where she has accumulated a nice pile of eggs. Once the batch was complete, she feathered the nest and the sitting begun, it is now a race to see who can hatch first, and produce ducklings. Billy is doing fine on his/her batch, and comes back every day to eat and swim in his beloved pond.

I am slightly nervous about having two batches of ducklings, as if they all hatch that will be over 30 ducklings to contend with. The duck extension may not be big enough I fear, and I may have to sweet talk hubby into building yet another one. Having an ever expanding family can be such a chore! For the moment though Lucy is happily in the extension, Billy is in his big pile of twigs, and poor Nellie has to share the house with Jessica.

Jessica seems to be growing again, and I am pretty sure that she is attempting to be the largest, fattest duck in history. Her neck is now the size of Mike Tyson's, and her legs would give Tina Turner a run for her money. There is something odd about Jessica apart from her ever expanding body, he/she loves hubby and will actually eat from his hand, this we all find strange.

However, as long as she stays away from the ducks and the new ducklings when they arrive he/she is safe, the moment it touches one, I will be preparing the orange sauce!

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