Sunday, 10 February 2013

I want my bed back

Years ago before the chaos, and the mini zoo I had a normal life with just one dog, who was never allowed to sleep on the bed. However, now it seems that everything joins me, whether I want them to or not! When we had just one cat it wasn't so bad, but now there are four, it is a scramble for space. There is the added factor that our small dog seems to be content on there as well, and the foster pup often ends up there to add to the lack of space.

There are many nights when there simply is no room for people, and you have to perform a clever maneuver to get under the duvet. The strange thing is that during the day, nothing sleeps on there, but the moment night fall approaches, and I attempt to move closer to the bed, the animals descend.

Hubby has the biggest task as when he gets in from work everything is comfortable including me, which means that he has to disturb something to get into bed, typically he disturbs everyone. There are many nights when I seem to spend 30 minutes throwing animals off the bed, to find them back on it again a few minutes later. In the end I purely give up, and attempt to sleep in the tiny area that I have left.

Oh, to be normal, where I can star fish in bed, and only have the hubby to contend with, those were the days!

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