Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Jack hates Rico

As you will remember we have a new addition to Casa Choas in the shape of a goat, now Rico is cute, looks like a cow, makes a lot of noise, but is overall quite sweet. The problem is Jack hates him, and I mean really hates him. At first I thought it was simply because he had to settle in, but there are times when I really do fear for Rico's little life.

Jack is big, strong, and the leader and he likes to display this at all times, whether it be to us, Jill or little Rico. The head butting wars are a daily occurance, and Rico tries to give as good as he gets, but alas Jack has a far stronger head, and you can hear them banging furiously every day. I have concerns that Rico will end up brain damaged soon, as his little head cannot take anymore.

I have taken to shutting Rico in the house during the day so that Jack cannot get to him, but Jack has worked out that he can in fact open the door, steal the food, and torment Rico. Jack has become the school yard bully that everyone avoids. I have pondered whether the aggressive, possessiveness could be due to the fact that Jill is pregnant.

Who know why Jack is being a bully, maybe it is goat behaviour, and perfectly normal, only time will tell, if they get on, or kill each other trying.

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