Friday, 15 February 2013

Ducks don't quack they chirp

Everything you are ever taught as a child proves to be wrong as you grow up including the noise that a duck makes. For years we have been told that ducks quack, they even made up songs, however, this is not correct they chirp. Well my ducks do, usually when they want something, apart from Jessica/Justin who hisses like a goose.

Both Billy and Lucy are sat on eggs and when they come back for their daily feed and swim they chirp very loudly, which is odd to hear. They are attempting to talk to us, unfortunately  I didn't learn duck at school, so, I have to guess what they want. Google, states that ducks chirp when they are happy, scared, hungry, thirsty or tired. Helpful as ever, and ensures that it covers every possibility, but we think Billy chirps for food, and Lucy because she is happy.

The other night Billy chirped louder than normal, and paced up and down the drive looking fretful and concerned. Whilst he was eating, I popped over to have a nose at his nest and was shocked, as I couldn't see any eggs. Thinking the worst I moved in closer, to discover that Billy had plucked most of his breast feathers and made a 3" layer on top of the eggs for warmth.

Good old Billy, he will make a good mum, well we hope so, as I'm not hand raising ducks. If my calculations are right, I think he has about another 2 weeks, but hey what do I know, as usual I am probably wrong, and they will appear when we least expect them.

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