Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pregnant or not?

I was asked the other day if I had baby goats yet, which I don't, however  the amount of jiggy jiggy that was going on a few months back I will be amazed if Jill is not pregnant. The problem is unless you are a master goat herder, you simply cannot tell. During the conversation about the goat, and how to tell, this person calmly asked if she could not take a pregnancy test.

Now, have you ever seen a goat peeing on a little white stick before...No neither have I, and I am not chasing her around the orchard encouraging her to pee anywhere near me. I have Googled to see if there are other ways to tell, and it seems there are a few, but again not the most pleasant ways.

Well you can perform the good old classic vets trick of hand/arm up bum, which no way in hell am I doing. Another way to tell is to look at her "LaLa" (I'm trying to be polite, so I get no more complaints) which will apparently be puffy. Firstly I have no intention of looking at her LaLa, and secondly, I didn't look at it before, to know what is puffy and what is normal.

Some goat experts claim that you can just tell if your goat is pregnant due to the size of them, or Jill could just be fat! So, for the minute, who knows, she may be pregnant, she may be fat, whatever, she is she is spending a lot of time in a cave 80ft up the mountain....please god do not have babies up there as I am not climbing up there to get them!

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