Monday, 18 February 2013

Goat wrestling

Sunday was a productive day, hubby decided it was time to tidy and renovate the terrace, which is good as it really needed doing. Throughout the whole event Jack stood watch, and ensured that everything wa sup to his critical eye. The gate was closed so he had to perch on the mountain, watching as everything happened below him.

Then the mistake happened, the gate was opened, and like a fat kid chasing cake, Jack was on the terrace being nosey and a pain. Now Jack is rather large now, which results in him having to be man handled quite a bit. Asking a goat to leave never really works, which means that he has to be wrestled into position.

However, before he was removed, he decided he would take a trip indoors, to have a look around. I must admit the last thing i expected to see in my kitchen was Jack, but hey a goat in the kitchen is not that strange I suppose. After he had inspected and decided there was nothing of interest, he returned to the terrace.

This was when goat wrestling occurred, as hubby attempted to remove Jack, with everyone watching.
With a lot of shoving, swearing, fighting and puffing Jack was slowly pushed back behind the gate, and the moral of the story is do not open the gate...EVER!

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