Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Orange Thief

Our oranges appear to be vanishing, and not in a good way, which has started to aggravate me now, as I work hard and don't think that the thieving A**hole across the road should get away with it. In his defence I have no solid proof that he is stealing my fruit, just a huge suspicion, and like an itch it will continue to annoy me until I sort it out.

We had trees and trees of oranges, and then slowly they begun to vanish, some we used, some we picked and sold, but other trees simply were stripped bare. These trees were the ones from the back of the orchard, hear the back gates. Now, since the mango's begun to vanish in the summer we padlocked the gate, and this I thought would stop the light fingered person.

However, it appears not, as I went to pick oranges yesterday I noticed that the gate had been bent at the bottom, just big enough to get a human being through the gap. Whoever is stealing the fruit is local, and obviously hates us more than others in the area. Now I appreciate we are not Canarian, but some on, give us a chance! There are some people in the area that find us amusing, and others simply hate us, for whatever reason.

Now the problem is I have to catch the thief, and then decide what to do with them, someone said to denounce them (report them) I want to chop their hands off with a rusty knife, but this could be seen as a bit harsh. For the meantime I need to think about how to catch them, and am considering using Jack as a guard goat, similar to the photo :)

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