Saturday, 9 February 2013

When the chaos gets too much even for me!

There are days when I hold my hands up and think what the hell am I doing, why don't I live in a normal house, with one dog, one cat and a goldfish. Even I can be pushed to the limits of simply wanting to walk away from the chaos. I have a full time job, which at times is stressful, and puts a lot of pressure on me, which is when you can guarantee that the residents of casa chaos push it too far.

Yesterday was one of those days when I just wanted everything to be normal, but it was a hectic, stressful day that left me exhausted and doubting my abilities to make casa chaos work. From the moment I got back from the school run, everything went wrong. The cat brought me a chick, alive I will add, which alerted me to the fact that the stupid chicken in the fountain had hatched and was attempting to leave the fountain.

I rushed down to find the chicken on the stairs, the chicks on the wall, with four cats and a duck looming in to see what was going on. Relocating chickens and chicks is not a one person job, but I had no choice, and spent 20 minutes attempting to rescue chicks. One got lost in the wall, but I had to give up, as Jessica was attempting to kill Lucy, and smash her eggs!

Moving on to the next issue, Jessica got booted (sorry but patience now wearing thin) to turn and discover that Jack and Jill were still in their cave up the mountain and refusing to come down, if she gives birth in there, I am NOT climbing to go and get them. I then realised that Rico had followed them and was bleating loudly like a small baby in immense pain.

Now logic would say he is a goat, and will come down, however, Rico doesn't realise that he is a goat, therefore, wanted rescuing. Job for son me thinks, as I am NOT climbing up the mountain, I have already  rescued a chicken and a duck that was me done for the day. Hubby appeared found the chick, which was quite sweet, and it was reunited with mum.

To top it all Miss Thunderpussy has decided that her motherly duties are over, and is spending more time with the boys. This would be fine but the four bundles of fluff still need her, so I spent most of the day returning her to her side of the enclosure. I also discovered Lucky sat on eggs in the furrow, what is it with chickens and dumb places to lay eggs, and have far too many lemons even for me.

Sorry this blog is a jumble of rambling, but all in all it summed up my day, and why I feel into bed exhausted, and wanting normality.

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  1. Wow. That was certainly a chaotic day! But it does sound like fun lol. Maybe it wouldn't if it had been me, ha!