Monday, 4 February 2013

Bunny Update

The bunnies are doing well, and have now opened their eyes which is fantastic and makes them look more like rabbits. They are in fact rather cute now, Miss Thunderpussy is a fantastic mum and checks on them throughout the day. The usual debates have started about what is happening to the bunnies, and how can they be destined for a saucepan when they are so cute!

The problem is people need to understand that everything here has to make money, and slowly it is beginning to, and my profit to expenditure is finally beginning to look better. Having a mini zoo was never my intention, and although I love all of these animals I do have to draw the line. I have had several people asking about the rabbits, for their dinner which surprises me.

The question then came up about how old do they need to be before they can be on your plate, and apparently 8-12 weeks id normal. So, not long after they are weaned too be honest, so only another 6 weeks to go before bunnies become casserole. Heartless maybe, business minded always, and that is life unfortunately.

Until that date we will continue to take cute pictures of the bunnies, make sure everyone falls in love with them, before sending them off!

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