Thursday, 14 February 2013

Disappearing feed mystery

I have a lot of animals, therefore, my feed bill every week is high, and steadily increasing, which means that when he spikes there is a concern. For weeks we have been blaming our daughter for overfeeding the animals, as like her, they all love their food and would happily eat all day. I am all for ensuring that animals get enough to eat, however, there is a limit.

So, with heavy heart I drive to the feedstore more than once a week, actually that is a lie, hubby drives to the feedstore, as that is considered a daddy job. However, the feed continues to vanish, and with claims she is not overfeeding it is going somewhere! Maybe the orange thief wants some corn to go with his oranges, anything is possible in GC.

However, mystery was solved the other morning, when I went down after my daughter had left for school, and once again left the feedroom door wide open. I could see the culprit, there was no mistaking who was in there, and I was prepared. As I approached the thief stood his ground and did not move, he was on a mission, and enjoying every minute.

Standing in the doorway, I knew this was my only chance of capturing the thief once and for all, but he did not care, there was no shame that he was happily consuming his own bodyweight in animal feed. The thief was of course JACK, who had discovered that not only was the door wide open, but the lids were also off the bins.

It was an open invitation to eat as much as he wanted, and this was obviously not the first time this had happened. Pissed off, I shouted at Jack, who simply turned his head, as if to say "go away, Can't you see Im eating" I finally got him out, put the lids back on the bins, and closed the door. Another expensive lesson learnt, do not trust the daughter to secure the feed!

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