Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Most Expensive Goat in History!

Yesterday started like any other, magic and the goats running around like nutters, until disaster struck. Magic tends to forget that he is a 400KG animal, therefore, a quick movement knocking the small 3KG goat over was going to hurt. Gloria was still, making small bleating noises, we knew he had done more than knock the wind out of her. As soon as I picked her up her leg fell, and I didn't need xrays to tell me it was broken.

At this point a million things go through your head, as I work with animals all day I knew this was going to be a costly accident. We rung our vet to get initial advise, we knew he only dealt with domestic animals, but hey he is a vet. We also made other calls and the answer was always the same.....put a bullet in her head, she is only a goat, and not worth the cost!

I agreed the cost was something that was concerning, however, Gloria is more than "just" a goat, she is part of our family. I decided to take her down to our vet, which caused huge interest sat in the waiting room with a goat in a transport box! You would think that it was an elephant the way people were starring...."come on people have you never seen a goat before"

So, much discussion happened, the vet determined that she had snapped her leg at the hip, there was no quick fix, there was no splint, all I was left with was operating...or death. Now thankfully Gloria is a teeny pygmy goat, which weighs just 3KG, enabling the vet to agree to operate. I flippantly asked how many goats he had operated on in the past...his answer "None"

We left Gloria in the safe hands of the vet, he operated for 4 hours, and bolted the leg, the operation was a success, and we left with a goat, instructions to watch her all night as her tongue kept getting stuck in her throat and a  huge vets bill. Mrs L messaged to ask how the goat was, and then proceeded to tell me I was insane, the goat wasn't worth that much.

Although, I agree on many levels Gloria is just a goat, why should that matter...I save animals. I choose to have them here, which means through better and worse we will save them even if it means we starve for a few months. Who needs food anyway! Also, we do now in fact have a bionic goat that is worth a fortune.

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