Friday, 28 November 2014

Wet Weekend!

We were placed on storm alert, and everyone panicked, however, this time it was for real, as the  rain came down I got wetter and wetter! I wasn't at home when the rain started, however, I got minute by minute updates from hubby. These were informing me what was leaking, and it soon became apparent more leaked than we could have ever imagined.

When you build something through the summer months, you are never sure of how good the joins will be, and although we needed it to rain to see where it leaked, maybe not as much rain was needed. The skies seemed to have simply opened a valve and let the whole contents out. The roads were flooded, the people were moaning, and the animals were wet!

Now rain is fine, we need rain, however, with rain comes mud, and mud brings mess, and this brings stress. The ducks loved the rain, the unicorn did not, as he stood and watched my every move with a look of complete disgust! The goats were wary to get their feet wet, and the chickens ran for cover. The dogs decided that they would become hippo's and basically buried and rolled.

Finally the rain stopped, and the sun came out, we begun to clean up....and then the rain started again. At this point it was decided to simply watch and wait, there was no point in getting even wetter. So I spent the weekend wet not moist, which some would say was a good result!

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