Saturday, 6 December 2014

One Stop Treatment Shop

I am often at the vets, and joke that they should treat me for different ailments, as I am far too busy to go to the doctor. Therefore, why was I not surprised the other day when the vet did exactly that. I have been bitten by a cat, now this may not sound anything serious, however, it hurts like F**k.

Bites are common with what I do, and I can say I have been bitten by all animals, and cats are the worst, they simply do not let go. so when catching a cat the other day it latched on to my finger, and the next minute there was more blood than a murder scene. Although the teeth are small they bloody hurt!

One cat caught, my finger started to swell, and then go black, and then fill with puss, all a lovely sight for everyone. I kept looking at the finger thinking I must do something with it, but got caught up with a busy day, and headed off to the vets. Whilst at the vets my rather big mouthed daughter decided to tell the vet, hoping he would encourage me to go to the doctors.

Encouragement was not what happened, in a swift ninja maneuver, the vet had hold of my finger, in a vice like grip. For a small guy he is strong, as I soon discovered when I tried to wriggle free. He had hold of my throbbing finger, and was not letting go. As the needle appeared I knew the next few minutes would be make or break.

As the needle went in, and the squeezing began, I could only think of one thing.......I was going to kill my daughter. Finger all squeezed I was allowed it back, and through gritted teeth thanked the vet for his treatment, and then turned to my daughter and said " revenge is a dish best served cold!"

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