Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Small things in Life!

Everytime I turn around there is a new leak, and I had begun to realise that we simply did not have enough buckets to cope. It wasn't because I didn't want to pay to have them fixed, it was because I couldn't find anyone who would a) drive up here as it is just sooooooo far and b) do the job properly. I typically stay away from brit builders as I have had far too many bad experiences with them, and also they are the first to say "I'm not driving up there it is so far"

However, Mrs N recommended a builder and if she liked him he must be good, I was also told he drank as much coffee as me in a day so he must be brilliant. The builder arrived for a "look" this is more than a lot of them have ever done, and he didn't get lost and was on time! As we wandered around looking at one leak after another, he asked to see the dogs. Another plus point, the guy liked dogs, it was going well.

Before he managed to leave I had found him 300 other jobs, and we had agreed a price and a day. Well Monday couldn't come quick enough, I was fed up of buckets, and leaks. The builder was great he fixed the leaks, and soon discovered that new ones appeared...welcome to my world.

After a long day where he wouldn't give up and was determined to fix every last leak for me, I noticed that I had a shiney new tap on one of the pipes. I turned, smiled and said in a really girly voice, "oh, thanks I love the shiny new tap" He looked amused and said " you are easily pleased" Yes I am it is the small things in life that make me happy.

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