Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It is no Surprise Anymore!

Well my day started like any other, far too many things to do and not enough time. However, for once it was normal, boring things that needed doing. We were doing the routine, bank, post office, recycling shopping trip, which I hate at the best of times. The queues in Spain are a nightmare, and at this time of year they seem to go on for miles.

I had left the post office until last as this is the one I hate the most, however, on this day it suddenly got interesting. As we sat and watched the long line of people with the boxes of gifts to be sent to friends and family, I noticed one was moving. At this point I was interested what was in the box, my initial though was if you are posting a puppy, you had better put some bigger air holes in the box!!

Me being me had to ask, so off we went to randomly ask the man with the box what was in the box, and he casually answered with "A duck" Posting it anywhere nice was the next thing out of my mouth, which didn't seem to hit the humorous note it was intended. At this point he thought I was just stupid and not funny, and explained he was intending to simply let the duck go!

Well mouth engaged before brain, and the words " I will take the duck" fell out of my mouth. The next moments were a blur he smiled, handed me the box and I found myself sat in the car with yet another duck in a box! How do I manage it everytime I go somewhere, as we headed home hubby messaged and asked "did you get washing powder" I replied "nope but I have a duck" ....he didnt even ask why or where or how, a simple OK came back...... It seems that I do not shock people anymore, I must try harder!

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