Sunday, 15 February 2015


We had the call...the battery farm were releasing the off we went armed with boxes, and our hand full of pennies for these long suffering birds. I wanted 40 chickens, this is never enough for the amount that will be killed, but it is my way of helping. These chickens are yet another animal that has become the victim of a throw away world.

So, with my chickens boxes, and in the car off we went, and in typical of my life fashion i was in a rush. I had about 20 minutes to do 100 things, and get the chickens integrated in with the others. Now, I have read all the excellent advice about placing new chickens in a separate area, allowing new and old to merge slowly etc etc what did I do, pulled up in the property and emptied boxes of chickens onto the floor.

Now before everyone goes in to one about not doing it correctly, when have you ever known me do anything correctly! Also chickens are heavy, and they were fine, they all stood in a huddle surrounded by other chickens, rabbits and goats....with a look of WTF. With the chickens integrated in record fast speeds, I leap back in my car to continue with jobs 70-100..

When I returned the chickens had moved.....they were all lined up along the fence....laying eggs...hmmmm not quite the way it is done girls, but hey at least they are laying!

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