Friday, 20 February 2015

One Man A Pig and a Goose

I am well known in the area as the crazy lady who takes animals, but there are some occasions when even I say NO! As everyone knows I am often in bed well before my children, unfortunately the Spanish never understand this and feel 9pm is a suitable time to be sat outside my gates.... hand on horn!

The other night Mr P turned up, placed hand on horn, and kept it there until we appeared, this was my first issue, closely followed by the fact it was dark and cold. We didn't even have time to do hello's and how are you's before he launched in to I have a pig for you!

The next 20 minutes were strange even by my standards....

ME: A pig?
Mr P: yes a pig, in my car, for you
ME: I dont want a pig
Mr P: Take the pig
ME: I dont want a pig
Mr P Take the pig
ME: You take the pig
Mr P What am I supposed to do with a pig
ME: errrr what am I supposed to with a pig
Mr P let it loose in the stables
ME: not happening
Mr P so, you are not taking the pig
ME: where did you get the pig
Mr P I " borrowed" it from....... (cannot be named sorry lol)
ME: well return it
Mr P how?
ME: presumably the same way you took it
Mr P but we may be caught!
ME: You are worrying about this now when you have a pig on the backseat of your car in the middle of the night!!

At this point Mr P walked round to the boot of his car, opened it...looked in and said " I presume you dont want the goose either" Head in hands I walked off, wondering how the hell they had managed to get a pig and goose out of a well known place on the island, and why the hell they thought it was a good idea to do so, and bring them to me. Therefore, please be warned, I may just say no and leave you holding the PIG!

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