Thursday, 24 April 2014

Do Dinosaurs Exist?

I love my children, all of them, and although only two are here with us, the other two are never far from our thoughts. Don't get me wrong we are not talking small children, as when we left the UK they were already 18 and 19. However, they will always be my babies, and remain one of the biggest things that we miss!

I have a great relationship with my son, and there are very few days that go by when we do not send each other a message. This is typically a short one liner, or a photo of something that day. Therefore, when I was in the garden center the other day looking at statues, I simply had to share with him what I found.

So, I sent this picture with the text: 
"That was in the garden center I think its fab!"
he replied:
"Is it real"
At this point I laughed and replied:
"It's a dinosaur you numpty!"
"Oh, I thought it was a lizard"
His Dad and I could not stop laughing...

I pointed out that his younger brother knew it was a raptor, and he answered with " well he sees all them things every day" 

No hun, he really doesn't see dinosaurs, I know we live on a farm, and I see crazy things everyday, but dinosaurs are definitely extinct. Bless him, you have to love your children!

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