Sunday, 20 April 2014

I Found a Unicorn!

Whilst collecting Jefffery I met a unicorn, and when I went home, I could not get him out of my head. There is something about horses that makes them extremely vulnerable when they are in need of help! As I looked into his eyes that day, I knew I could not leave him in hell.

Rescuing horses here is not easy, you have to perform a dance with the owner, make them feel special, and never appear to be the enemy. Although we have departments to deal with animal cruelty, the process is slow, and often does not have the outcome you would expect.

I often moan at the ex pats on the island, but in the last week they have restored my faith in human beings. I did an appeal to save Magic (the unicorn) and they dug deep, and kept going. The local people raised enough to get Magic out of hell, buy him a head collar and a much needed rug!

All I had to do now was the endless paperwork, the constant kissing arse of the owner, and ensure that everything went smoothly. It was a long few days, careful planning, but with everyone's support, financially and mentally, I did it.

There is something strange about walking around the corner of the barn, and seeing a horse stood there. Something comforting about having a horse on the property, and something satisfying about knowing that we rescued him.

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