Monday, 14 April 2014

Who Doesn't have a Duck in the Car on a Sunday Morning!

My sunday started like every other one, shouting at the kids, tiling the kitchen and trying to ensure that my kangaroo of a dog didn't jump over the 10ft boundary wall! Is this not how everyone spends their sunday?

Then I got a call, one of those calls that mentions the words FREE and ANIMALS in the same sentence. So, off we went in pursuit of some Canarian guy giving away animals. we had directions, but still we felt as if we were lost as we ended up in the back of beyond.

Eventually we reached our destination, and followed a guy up a narrow path to a big green gate. At this point I always wonder if I am going to be the next victim on the front of the newspaper as dead and cut up into small pieces. Nope, we were lead into an aladdin's cave of animals.

In a room smaller than my kitchen there were, goats, chickens, cats, a donkey, a turkey, ducks and a horse! All fighting for scraps of bread and food that had been thrown on the floor. At this point I have to remember that I am there to try and "save" some of these animals not give the guy a twenty minute lecture on living conditions of animals.

Although I was tempted by the cute goats, I remained level headed and asked for a duck!  We asked the guy for a box, he starred at me as if I had three heads. he gabbed a feed sack, put some holes in it so the duck could breathe, oh how nice of him, and thrust one duck in a sack in our direction.

After a brief conversation about turkeys, and the unicorn, we left, with our duck in a feed sack. The journey home was the normal smelly aroma of hot duck, and as we reached home I just had enough time to text Mrs S and tell her I had a duck in the car. Her reply " Normal sunday for you then" My friends know me so well.

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