Saturday, 12 April 2014

Things in the Road!

The journey down the mountain back to civilization is not that long, but you can guarantee that I see the strangest things. In the morning when I drop a child to the bus it is now dark, so the drive is even more weird.

We have to avoid dead rabbits (lots of these) nope I do not run over them just because they are dead! The other morning there was also a dead cat, so i stopped the car scooped it up and placed it on the side of the road. ( I have this thought that I wouldn't want my cat squashed over and over, so it is nicer to do this)

I even found a starving dog the other morning, laid in the road, blocking the traffic. But regardless of the animals that I see it is the people that are the weirdest. Walking is popular around here, and jogging in the dark seems to be the normal thing to do.

How they do not get hit and pushed off the mountain I do not know, however, the guy who does press ups in the middle of the road, in the dark at 7am gets the award for the weirdest person ever!

Firstly why would you decide that the middle of the road is the best place for this, and secondly, why would you need to be that active so early! As I drive back up heading for coffee, avoiding dead animals and weird people I do wonder if I am the only normal person out there? Then I remember that I did consider opening a roadkill cafe, and realised that I am just as insane!

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