Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Canarian Logic!

Canarian and logic are never used in the same sentence as they never go hand in hand! When we moved into the goat shed in the middle of the field, there was a post box, this filled me with excitement! Not because I have a fetish about post boxes, but because it meant there was a huge chance the postman would deliver the post.

Oh how wrong I was, we went off to the post office to tell them of our move, and to tell them that the post box was there, ready and waiting. We were told that due to health and safety the postman refused to come up there to deliver post! Why the post box then I asked, to be told that it was so they could put a piece of paper in there to tell us there was post!

So, it seems they will risk their lives to put a piece of paper in the post box, but not the actual post. I honestly thought they were joking until the other day when a man arrived at the gates. Once he got over the yelling at me due to the fact the gate bell didn't work, he told me that he had put something in the post box.

I rushed to get keys, excited that my post had arrived, and that I only had to walk to the drive to get it. Wrong again, he had put a note in the box to tell me that there were letters in the post office! This made no sense at all, so he drove up to place the bit of paper in the box, but didn't bring the letters!

Off I stomped to the car, to make the 15 minute journey to the post office, clutching my bit of paper, following the guy who had put it in there. On arriving at the post office, I joined the mile and a half queue (this is the same in every country) and waited.

Whilst standing in the long queue, I thought maybe there was loads of post which is why he hadn't brought it, or a huge parcel. This would have made sense, I got to the front of the queue, handed my bit of paper over, and off the man went in search of my sack of letters. He returned and handed me.......TWO...two little letters that would have fitted in the post box....Canarian logic at its best!

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