Monday, 31 March 2014

Awesome Cock!

I can read Spanish to a level, and do try whenever possible to read websites etc in Spanish as it helps to make life easier in the country where they speak Spanish! However, there is something comforting, when you are tired, or simply cannot be bothered to have a computer that automatically translates the pages into your native language.

The downside is that computer packages can get it wrong, or translate something that is really badly translated. I was browsing a Spanish website that sells animals amongst other things, as I scrolled down the page was automatically translating. I stopped as there was a photo of a cockerel, and glanced to see the description.

At this point I found myself giggling, a lot like a schoolgirl, as the translation in big letters was "AWESOME COCK" it followed with "My cock is big and awesome, you must have it" More sniggering occurred, but like any grown women I continued reading!

"Big, powerful, and very healthy this awesome cock will be the best, if you want to see my cock please call I can send more photos!"

I must admit his cock did look impressive, but I refrained from asking for more photos. The giggling continued, and throughout the day I carried on sniggering as I thought about this awesome cock. So, if you ever want to brighten your day, just get the computer to translate a page or two and see what pops up, you too may find an awesome cock!

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