Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Jogging With Your Goat

When I drive my daughter down in the morning for her lift to school, there is rarely anyone about. The odd crazy driver deciding to drive in the middle of the road, but not a lot else. As I drive back upt mountain, it provides the perfect time to think about what I have to fit into my busy day.

The other morning as I drove back, there was a guy jogging down the mountain, now jogging I understand as it is a great way to get fit and provides excellent thinking time. I noticed that he had a dog behind him, which again brilliant way to exercise your dog.

As he got closer to me, I was starring at the "dog" as it was running in a strange way down the mountain. More like a leap than a run and as he got closer again, I realised that the animal he was jogging with was in fact a goat. Now, either he was running away from the goat, and I misunderstood the situation, or he was in fact jogging with a goat.

Both of these scenarios are strange, and as i passed him he smiled, and did not appear terrified of the goat behind him. Therefore, he must have known the goat was there, and he was simply out for a morning jog with his goat. Hmmmmmm and people say I am strange!

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