Monday, 10 March 2014

The Animals can Sniff out Food!

We are rapidly discovering how many animals the neighbour has, due to the fact they keep popping over for food! We noticed a small grey cat the other day, not one of ours, it lingered for a while, I gave it some biscuits and then it vanished.

A few minutes later I turned around and it was back, with two of its friends following. He must have rushed off, grabbed his mates, and told them where the free food was. I noticed that my new friends were coming and going under he wall to next door.

So, he has cats as well, not very well fed it seems, and on the hunt for anyone that would feed them. They came and went throughout the day enjoying the generosity of the free buffet that was on offer. That night as we were feeding our own ever growing colony of cats, we saw another cat.

This one also jumped over the wall and back into next door, hmmmm how many bloody cats does this guy have in there. Now, I have no issue with cat hoarding, as I am fast becoming the crazy cat lady myself, however, he blatantly wasn't feeding them.

Then yesterday I was wandering to the kennels and spotted a chicken, it wasn't one of ours, and then I watched next doors rooster fly over the wall. He was followed by three more chickens, they flew over ran down to the chicken area, an stood at the fence. It seems they had heard about the free buffet and they wanted some food.

I am truly hoping that the warthog doesn't appear wanting lunch, or god forbid what else he has next door! Might be easier just to buy the guy some animal feed before all his animals move in.

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