Saturday, 1 March 2014

Duck Addict

I need/want some new ducks, but I want small, cute fluffy ducks, and I do not think this is too much to ask. However, it seems on this island it is, as there are NO ducks. I have found some adult ducks, but even then not a lot of them, and even my usual "dodgy" contacts can find me no ducks.

I feel as if I have asked everyone, and even Mrs K though is usually excellent at finding things on the Internet has come up short. In all fairness, she did find lanzarote...wrong island! She also told me that she found some in a cardboard box a while ago, well that is helpful go and plant another box and lets see what happens!

Every waking moment I find myself logging in and searching for ducks, I am starting to wonder if I have a problem! I have asked the dodgy chicken man, the neighbours, friends of friends, I have phoned pet stores, and feed rooms and still no ducks! Now either my duck eating neighbour has eaten every single duck, or the chinese restaurants have beaten me to it again!

How can one island have hairless rats, worms, chickens, pigs, and snakes, but no ducks! You will be amazed at what animals are for sale but no ducks, so as I still and wait...(not patient) as you recall I am planning a massive duck breeding programme when I finally get ducks, as there appears to be a HUGE shortage.

Maybe duck farming is the way forward.......lets let breeding Mrs K....

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