Sunday, 16 March 2014

Female Charm!

I am a great believer in the fact that there are very few things that woman cannot do, I would love to say they can do everything, but this is unrealistic! However, I will roll my sleeves up with the men, and get on with most jobs.

There are always times though when a man can be useful, and when the pumps broke on the house last week, and I needed the water diverted a man was needed. It is not because I couldn't do this task, I just could not be bothered to learn how to, and struggle doing it.

We made a call to the axe murderer next door, and he arrived full of smiles and helpful advise. He loves to show off his knowledge about all things well....frankly boring. Do I care how to get the water into the house, diverted past the tanks, quite frankly no!.

He however, loves this information, so i let him think that I was remotely interested and he diverted the water, voile task completed, and not a broken nail in sight. Then the leak appeared, well more of a gush than a leak, and I knew I had to turn on the ultra charm.

We explained that hubby was at work, and I was at home all alone, with the kids, and couldn't possibly fix the leak all by myself. The axe murderer stared at me for a while, and with that I gave him a huge smile, followed with a girly giggle. This prompted him to fetch his tools, and repair my leak.

With a lot of huffing and puffing he had fixed the leak, and I was happy I had water. Proving yet again that "tits" and "teeth" work every time, especially when you promise to return the guys rooster that is happily camped out in my chicken pen!

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