Thursday, 27 March 2014

How Heavy is the Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal is not something that I have ever had interest in, why would I, however, when we moved here there was a lot! Although I love to hoard things, and recycling is great, there comes a time when the HUGE pile of scrap needs to go.

As we are renovating old pig pens, there is a lot of scrap, and of course I knew that this would be worth something to someone. All I had to do was find that someone! One day driving down the motorway I spotted a massive sign, and did the oo oo oo oo noise.

My family typical cringe at this noise as it means I have come up with a crazy idea. However, I had just seen the number for "we buy scrap" so we called, and OMG what a headache. The guy was not only rude, but arrogant as well, which is always a firm favourite of mine!

He asked what metal it was, how the hell was I supposed to know, and didn't appreciate my answer of "metal" Again my knowledge of metal is limited, I can distinguish a gold ring from an iron bar but that is about it. Again he asked what metal, and again we said I have no idea.

At this point you know the conversation is going to be long! So we moved on to how much there was, and it went like this:

"How much of the unknown metal is there?"
"A lot"
"More specific"
"A big pile"
"In weight"
"how the hell am I supposed to know"
"well you need to weight it"
"what on the kitchen scales"

At this point we were both equally as pissed off, and the conversation was going no where fast! Although some would consider I was being difficult, how the hell was I supposed to weight a HUGE pile of scrap metal. Even Google wasn't helping!

So, I did what any sensible person would do....I made it up! I guessed, told him it was steel and there was 250KG.......this shut him up and he made the booking to pick it up. All was well, the guy turned up to collect, and then he told me that the metal was in fact iron and there was this point "tits and teeth" were needed again!

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