Monday, 24 March 2014

Road Block

Where we live you have to drive down the mountain, not literally, but the road is steep, and there are often big rocks blocking the road. In fact the other morning, I had to swerve a boulder, which was huge and thankfully was not blocking the road completely.

So when the school bus was late the other morning, I presumed that a land slide had occurred and they were trying to unblock the road. I left one child stood at the gates like a lost orphan, whilst I drove the other to her lift. 

As we came down the hill, I could see the bus in the distance, and still thought the problem was rocks. However, as I got closer, I discovered it wasn't rocks blocking the way, but goats! The bus could not encourage the goats to move, so I was heading down, the bus was heading up and the goats were in between us! 

Eventually we got them to move, everyone now late, and as the goats scurried up the side of the mountain, it became apparent how the rocks end up in the road. They are determined to block us in one way or another! 

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